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Chris Brown (born 1989) is an American R&B singer.

Chris Brown or Christopher Brown may refer to:


  • Chris Brown (album), an album by Chris Brown
  • Chris Brown (Canadian musician), Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
  • Chris Brown (Australian musician), Australian musician, member of Ayers Rock (band)
  • Chris Brown (composer) (born 1953), composer, pianist, and electronic musician
  • Chris Taylor Brown (born 1981), singer for Trapt
  • Christopher Brown (composer) (born 1943), English composer



  • Chris Brown (cricketer, born 1974) (born 1974), English cricketer
  • Chris Brown (cricketer, born 1973) (born 1973), former Cook Islands cricketer

Gridiron football

  • Chris Brown (American football coach), American football coach and former player
  • Chris Brown (defensive back) (born 1962), American football player
  • Chris Brown (offensive lineman) (born 1978), former American football offensive lineman
  • Chris Brown (running back), American football player


  • Chris Brown (American soccer) (born 1977), American soccer midfielder/striker
  • Chris Brown (footballer, born 1971), English-American football defender and manager
  • Chris Brown (footballer, born 1984), English football striker
  • Chris Brown (footballer, born 1992), English football defender


  • Chris Brown (field hockey) (born 1960), New Zealand
  • Chris Brown (ice hockey) (born 1991), American ice hockey player drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes
  • Christophe Brown (born 1974), Swiss ice hockey player in the Switzerland National League A

Other sports

  • Chris Brown (athlete) (born 1978), Bahamian sprinter
  • Chris Brown (baseball) (1961-2006), American third baseman


  • Chris A. Brown (born 1964), member of the New Jersey General Assembly
  • Christopher J. Brown (born 1971), member of the New Jersey General Assembly
  • Chris Brown (California politician) (born 1981), American politician and businessman in the state of California
  • Chris Brown (Mississippi politician) (born 1967), Republican Mississippi state representative and businessman

Other people

  • Christopher Brown (author), American science fiction author
  • Christopher Brown (museum director) (born 1948), director of the Ashmolean Museum
  • Chris Brown (British Army officer), last General Officer Commanding Northern Ireland
  • Chris Brown (veterinarian) (born 1978), Australian veterinarian, television personality and author
  • M.
    Christopher Brown II, President of Alcorn State University
  • Chris Brown (dancer) (1896-1956), Native American dancer and costume maker

See also

  • Christopher Browne (disambiguation)
  • Kris Brown (born 1976), American football player
  • Christy Brown (1932-1981), Irish author, painter and poet
  • Christina Brown, American journalist
  • Kristofor Brown, American writer and producer
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