About FLOW 103

January 10, 2020 - 10:22 PM

FLOW 103 has come a long way. The long history of FLOW 103 traces back to the Winter of 2000, when Nullsoft (the makers of the popular MP3 player, Winamp) developed this free streaming MP3 technology, SHOUTcast. Being an adventurous person (well kinda), a very young Jamar, played around with it and started operating his first station. Back then, He only operated for a few hours a day due to the limited resources he had - he was streaming from home. It was an amateur radio show called "The All request Show" that played the hottest songs, a one-of-a-kind Hip Hop radio show.

Thanks to all our day one's we starting broadcasting 24/7! He was incredibly lucky to have met some incredible people joined us along the way.

FLOW 103's target audience is both males and females, 18-34 from all over the world, mostly from North America. FLOW  103 brings quality programming like the daily Top 7 @ 7 and is home of the All Request Show/FLOW 103's Top 5 live!

onlthe best in Hip-Hop and R & B.


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